Terms and Conditions

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  1. Who can join the giveaway?
  2. The promo is open to all Uncle Johns customers.


  1. How to join?

Customer must purchase at least 100 pesos on participating items.


  1. Mechanics:
  2. Customer must purchase at least 100 pesos on participating items.
  3. b. The customer needs to upload a photo on their social media accounts featuring the participating items that they bought. Make sure it’s public and use the hashtag of #WeeklyPanaloatUncleJohns, #MegaMidYearatUJ & #UncleJohns
  4. A customer’s post needs to be public and should have complete hashtags.
  5. After posting, the customer needs to screenshot his/her post, and he/she needs to scan the QR code in his/her receipt to access the promotion page.
  6. The customer must scan the QR code to register the following:
  7. Full Name
  8. Mailing Address

III. Email Address 

  1. Mobile Number
  2. Screenshot of his/her post
  3. Incomplete and/or wrong details will not be accepted in the raffle entry.
  4. Posting the participating product with the hashtag is a required field; the raffle draw will not go through if the participant failed to post and screenshot it.

Determination of winners

  1. There will be (5) winners for minor prize every week for 5 weeks and there will be (2) winners for the major prize and (1) winner for the grand prize for the grand draw and it will be determined via electronic raffle.
  2. b. Only customers with complete details will get a chance to win the grand draw.
  3. Each customer may win only once during the minor, major, and grand draw.


Notifying Winners:  

  1. a. Winners shall be notified via registered mail, email and SMS and their names will be posted at Uncle John’s Facebook page (


Claiming of Prizes:

  1. The winner of the prize will be invited to Uncle John’s Head office for the turnover of prize. He/she must present any of the following: Photocopy of a valid ID with photo (e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, SSS ID, Voter’s ID, Company ID, etc.)


Important Notes:

  1. The decision of Uncle John’s in concurrence with DTI is final and not subject to dispute.


  1. If the winner chooses not to accept a prize, or any element thereof, they forfeit any claims to that prize, which can then be awarded to another participant chosen at the sole discretion of Uncle John’s with the approval of DTI.


  1. Organizers of the promotion reserve the right to invalidate entries entered through unscrupulous means such as electronic manipulation.


  1. Organizers of the promotion will not be responsible for accommodation, travel expenses or other expenses incurred by the winners in claiming their prizes.


  1. Organizers of the promotion serve the right to request valid documents (certificate of employment, TIN, school ID, etc.) if someone contests their eligibility for the promo.


  1. Organizers of the promotion have the right to identify him or her as a participant or a winner in the promotions and communicate the same at any time in any territory through any multimedia release.


  1. He or she shall hold organizers of the promotion free from all claims, suits and actions for damages or liabilities that may be brought about in connection with his/her participation in this promo.


  1. Organizers of the promotion shall not be liable for any unauthorized use, reproduction, and adaptations by third parties of any material or information regarding this promotion; and


  1. He or she will not make any reproduction of any part of the site accessed by him or her pursuant to this promotion for purposes of selling or distributing the same for commercial gain nor shall he or she modify or incorporate any part of said website in any other work, publication, or website.


Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-195564 Series of 2024

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